tomcatmanager is a command line tool and python library for managing a Tomcat server.

What Can It Do?

This package installs a command line utility called tomcat-manager. It’s easily scriptable using your favorite shell:

$ tomcat-manager --user=ace --password=newenglandclamchowder \
http://localhost:8080/manager deploy local sample.war /sampleapp
$ echo $?

There is also an interactive mode:

$ tomcat-manager
tomcat-manager>connect http://localhost:8080/manager ace newenglandclamchowder
--connected to http://localhost:8080/manager as ace
Path                     Status  Sessions Directory
------------------------ ------- -------- ------------------------------------
/                        running        0 ROOT
/sampleapp               stopped        0 sampleapp##9
/sampleapp               running        0 sampleapp##8
/host-manager            running        0 /usr/share/tomcat8-admin/host-manage
/manager                 running        0 /usr/share/tomcat8-admin/manager

And for the ultimate in flexibility, you can use the python package directly:

>>> import tomcatmanager as tm
>>> tomcat = tm.TomcatManager()
>>> r = tomcat.connect(url="http://localhost:8080/manager",
... user="ace", password="newenglandclamchowder")
>>> tomcat.is_connected
>>> r = tomcat.stop("/someapp")
>>> r.status_code == tm.StatusCode.OK
>>> r.status_message
'No context exists named /someapp'

The following capabilites are supported from interactive use, the Command Line, and from python:

  • deploy - deploy a war file containing a tomcat application in the tomcat server

  • redeploy - remove the application currently installed at a given path and install a new war file there

  • undeploy - remove an application from the tomcat server

  • start - start a tomcat application that has been deployed but isn’t running

  • stop - stop a tomcat application and leave it deployed on the server

  • reload - stop and start a tomcat application

  • sessions - show active sessions for a particular tomcat application

  • expire - expire idle sessions

  • list - show all installed applications

  • serverinfo - show information about the server, including tomcat version, OS version and architecture, and jvm version

  • status - show server status information in xml format

  • vminfo - show diagnostic information about the jvm

  • threaddump - show a jvm thread dump

  • resources - show the global jdni resources configured in tomcat

  • findleakers - show tomcat applications that leak memory

  • sslconnectorciphers - show tls ciphers configured for each connector

  • sslconnectorcerts - show tls certificate chain for each virtual host

  • sslconnectortrustedcerts - show trusted certificates for each virtual host

  • sslreload - reload tls certificate and key files

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